These are some things I work on outside of my official “work”.

Random Fun
Plot Scenario Generator

All sites are full LAMP stack implementations with PHP 5.1.2 or better. (Parenthesis is for either notes about the site or the portion that I designed)

CHARM: Community Helping Advance Rice Markers
Portal for rice genetics researchers to locate genetic markers in new locations to further determine the location of genes of interest (such as disease or drought resistance). As an example, choose the “Flanking one marker” option in the right menu. Use the TIGRv4 genome, chromosome 3, and marker “rm1004″. Upon submission a list of flanking genetic markers will be displayed for a researcher to drill down into the genome. The site is still used internationally by rice breeders.

Evolutionary Genomics of Rice
Of interest is the tools section. Due to bit-rot and that they moved my code to a different server, some features no longer work. One used to be able to view the genetic origin of all rice varieties for a given project on google maps. The Smarty templating engine was used for the view components.

McCouch Ricelab
Simple genetics lab website from when I was in grad school.

Rivan Warriors Guild Website
Website for the Rivan Warriors guild in the MMORGP “Eternal Lands”. Real time player statistics are provided to authenticated users. In addition, the site houses the web interface to an ingame bot (Adarah) mentioned below.

CUR8: Genetics Curational Tool
Helps out the team curate all the plant genetics articles that go into Gramene.

LOTR Personality test. No longer online. Sorry.

Eternal Lands Programming

Awnage Client:
Available only to members of the Rivan Warriors and CEL guilds, this is an improved client to the MMORPG Eternal Lands.  It is written in C, OpenGL, and SDL. I cross-compile the client from linux to make it available to Windows users.

Eternal Lands Adarah Bot:
The official bot of the Rivan Warriors. It is now written in PHP with network streams and a MySQL backend for web management and stats. A highly customized and personal robot that interacts with players in the game.

EL Patches:
Almost all the patches I have made to improve the official client I have contributed back to the community on the EL berlios CVS tree.


GAI bgswitcher Version 0.3:
A simple dockapp / gnome applet that lets you switch the background. It displays random thumbnails from a user specified directory. It requires the GAI library and either fbsetbg or Esetroot.